Mid-MO Autumn 2017

Mid-MO Autumn 2017

I probably complain too much about the autumn colors in Missouri. Maple this. Maple that. Where are the maples? What can I say? Western New York spoiled me with its colorful autumns. Even so, I’ve managed to get some pretty nice photos here. In fact, one of my favorites, a local bluff, is a 30 inch canvas print on the wall of my wife’s office.

Mid-MO Autumn 2017_1

…of course, the sunset didn’t hurt this shot at all (October 2014)

I went to that bluff yesterday to try a different angle – actually another exposed rock face in that series of bluffs. This was not expected to be a colorful autumn, so I was surprised to find some nice, if not as brilliant, colors.

Mid-MO Autumn 2017_2

Another place I’ve place I’ve relied on for nice outdoor photos is Ha Ha Tonka State Park. The park is located at the end of one of the many arms of Lake of the Ozarks. It has many karst formations, including a natural bridge. The gem that seems to draw the most visitors is The Castle, which sits high atop a bluff, above the lake. A wealthy Kansas City businessman starting building his 60 room “European-style castle” in 1905, only to die a year later in one of the state’s first auto accidents. His sons finished it – less elaborately – in 1922. Later, it was leased out as a hotel, and sparks from a chimney burned it to a shell, also gutting a large carriage house. A stone water tower, 1000 feet away, survived, but was gutted when burned by vandals in 1976. The land has been a state park since 1978.

Mid-MO Autumn 2017_13

The ruins of the castle and water tower, as well as the many trails at Ha Ha Tonka, offer great photo opportunities.  On Wednesday, I spent 3 1/2 hours hiking 4 miles from bluff-top to lake and back while taking photos. While other years have offered better fall colors, I got some nice photos, and I had a beautiful day for hiking – sunny and 50 degrees.

Mid-MO Autumn 2017_17

…and, of course, back to the maples

It was a day well spent.

Ken G.

9 thoughts on “Mid-MO Autumn 2017

  1. Looks rather beautiful to me. I do, however, remember some spectacular colors along the Potomac river in autumn when I lived there during the Frod administration. At the time people were telling me Oh This Is Nothing Compared to New England and Upstate New York. Sigh Go figure. I suppose, however, there is some truth in what you say and they said. Me, I am spoiled by boring mild winter. Heh. Enjoy your seasons.


  2. Beautiful photos, Ken. There’s a nice variety, and history, too. It looks like you had a great day for hiking.
    It’s cold here now in S. Jersey. I woke up to temperatures in the low 20s–last week I was out in a tank top.

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