like lattice – Shadorma

“Eliot Dybden,” at Along the Interstice, has named this month Shadorma November (ShaNov). This is my first Shadorma for November, and I hope to be able to write one for each day of the month. (fingers crossed!) A Shadorma has six lines with no rhyme or meter, except for a syllable structure of 3/5/3/3/7/5.

From the beginning of this blog in 2014, I’ve managed to use a fair amount of my own photographs to accompany my poetry. As inspiration for Shadorma, I plan to use a different photo from my WP Media Library for each day of the month. Each post will contain a link to the original use of the photo.


like lattice
conflicting ideals
woven in
constituents navigate
the maze with caution

Photo: The Missouri River Bridge in Jefferson City – the only northern access to the Missouri state capital. (Originally used with the poem Driven.)

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