drunken sailor meets door frame

drunken sailor meets door frame

at the same time

sporadic in its presence these past five days

day one, morning, slight hint, then gone

day two, morning, slight hint eases away, so-far-so-good

day two, bedtime, returns with a vengeance
close encounter with wall and floor

day three, no trace

day four, reminder, gone by bedtime

day five, drunken sailor meets door frame
so far

in overdrive

monitor time
thirty minute max

rising, turning
vision on a bungee cord
out of sync

sleep elusive, four hours nets two hours
a minor salvation


drunken sailor_a

Ups and downs of the past week.

25 thoughts on “drunken sailor meets door frame

  1. Dude. This is serious. The title made me think it was some kind of fable, or sea story. Then I read the lines and began to suspect autobiograph. Comments and responses make that very clear. Rest, my friend. Pet the dog. Kiss you know who very gently. For some reason this really hits home with me. Maybe it’s because in recent years the very center focus point of my vision starts going blurry after a few hours of reading and computer.

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    • I look forward to seeing that.

      The vertigo lasted a week, to varying degrees. After doing lawn work (raking the damn leaves!) I felt I was close to normal (as I can be) and decided to go for a hike yesterday. I woke today with no symptoms, so I think I’m past it, now.


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