Für Elise

Für Elise

Für Elise

What good is an arrow in the heart of a child?
Or her leg. Her fingertips.
Any circumstance can seem random.
The outcome? Not so much.
Will you hear her whimpering in the night?
An organ does not care what note it goes out on.
Consider 20,000 finger sticks. That is a small part of a life.
Roget’s Thesaurus gives seven choices for injection.
One would be sufficient, but it’s never enough.
Organs can be replaced, at a cost.
Limbs don’t have that luxury.
Is her vision of the future cloudy or clear?
Plenty of things could go wrong.
Thinking there is no right answer is one way.
Management has a voice, but it must be exercised.
Make it a positive note.

I am so proud of my daughter. Diagnosed at eight years of age with type 1 diabetes, she has been determined to not let that stand in her way. She was always active as a child, continuing into adulthood. There have been some hard times, but she has maintained a positive attitude. Now, as a grade school counselor, she understands that each child is unique, with an insight that comes from the experience of her own challenges.

The five word prompts for The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Prompt #111 are right, arrow, hear, child and good.
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6 thoughts on “Für Elise

    • At times, the symptoms of diabetes may be more immediate, but the complications from lupus can be just as great. I have a cousin who was diagnosed 40 years ago, and she remains active. Like any illness, attention to treatment and symptoms is important. Fortunately, advances in treatment have been made.

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