Eye of the Storm #writephoto


Eye of the Storm

Eye of the StormGiven the right perspective, vision
will find a point of reference.

Offshore may mean out of sight.
It does not mean out of mind.

Landfall has no regard for shore.
Equal opportunity.

Eye of the Storm_aThere is no way out
through the eye. Relief is fleeting.

The eyewall always follows,
passing its sentence as it passes by.

Recovery is a matter of perspective,
Hope is the vision.

This poem is in response to Thursday Photo Prompt – Sight #writephoto, from Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo, with her photo.
Bottom photo: NASA

29 thoughts on “Eye of the Storm #writephoto

    • Thank you. There are many sides to consider in a situation like Harvey. I think of the humility that is delivered by such a devastating blow, then wonder at the hubris in the thought that preparations are somebody else’s problem – development that ignores natural conditions, lack of policing industrial preparedness in an area that is familiar with similar disasters, and on.


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