Luna’s transit seemed complete,
approaching its ultimate destination
Totality_1in the eyes of all viewing, when the last
crescent of Sol,
a mere sliver, blinked out.

Darkness briefly filled the sky,
until a radiant burst evoked
a collective gasp, the sun’s corona
sending tendrils of light
into the day-night sky.

sun and moon as one

Pulses quickened. Prepared,
yet not, for such exquisite wonder,
imagined for so long,
now realized. An eternal moment,
yet all too brief.

Venus shone with a light
seldom seen at day, while
Mercury seemed a dim reflection
beyond the sun, almost
Totality_2as if a whisper of light.

A new crescent appeared,
opposite the last,
and the moon continued
on its way, daylight returning
in an instant, while minds pondered
the nature of their existence.

Images: Total solar eclipse, August 21, 2017, Jefferson City, Missouri

10 thoughts on “Totality

  1. I was wondering if you saw the planets. Am so sad I was not there with you. But other matters kept me home. You know it all. Love and hugs to you both and all around and with you human and animal of course too. XXX OOO ((((.))))

    Liked by 1 person

    • We did, indeed, and thought of you.
      We toured the NASA trailer, next to the Capitol, on Sunday, and watched the eclipse from a park alongside a lake, just outside of town, on Monday.


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