sun and moon as one

sun and moon as one

sun and moon as one
totality of eclipse
shadow ringed with light

swelling of spirit and soul
profound emotions linger

Using shadow and light, this tanka is my response to a challenge from Colleen Chesebro: Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge #47 – #Haiku #Tanka #Haibun: Shadow & Light.
Image: Totality, August 21, 2017, Jefferson City, Missouri

15 thoughts on “sun and moon as one

  1. Brings to mind the image of Martin Buber’s ‘I/Thou’ concept of relationships: the way the ‘I’ can seem disproportionately large enough to block out the light of ‘Thou’, be it the Creator or simply the other . . . As always, Thanks for your words, Ken . . .

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