17 thoughts on “road of many turns

      • Yes. I know you are right. It was “Sixty-four years behind me. How long until winter? ” That sounded a bot like looking at retirement as the winter time of your life. And when I think back to all the posts of yours I have read it seemed a bit out of character.

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        • I’ve been retired for 11 years, and I’m in a very good place. The “Sixty-four years behind me. How long until winter?” was to help the reader see that the haiku is as much about life as it is about the seasons. But then, haiku should be able to take you in the intended direction on its own.

          I’ve never been concerned about my age, but today I heard an interview of Patti Smith that struck a chord with me (although, for me, in my sixties). She said she never was concerned about age, thinking of herself as a sort of Peter Pan. But then, in her med-fifties she started thinking about how much time she had before her (she’s turning 70, now) and wondering about what it would take for her to leave a mark in the world at that stage of her life. http://www.ttbook.org/listen/92876

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