Welcome Rain on a Spring Night (visiting Tu Fu)

Welcome Rain on a Spring Night

Welcome Rain on a Spring Night (visiting Tu Fu)

A healthy rain is a good sign of the season
It brings new life in the spring
Secretly carried by the wind in the night
Falling softly, silently, as all things are nourished
With black clouds shrouding a country road
A charcoal fire shines bright on a river boat
By the red dawn, all is wet
Chengdu’s hibiscus bow down, heavy with rain

Literal translations of classic Chinese poetry can be found at chinese-poems.com. This is my interpretation of a poem by Tu Fu. The literal translation, as provided at chinese-poems.com, is as follows:

Welcome Rain on a Spring Night

Welcome Rain on a Spring Night_aGood rain know season
At spring be bring life
Follow wind secretly enter night
Moist thing soft without sound
Country road cloud all black
River boat fire alone bright
Dawn see red wet place
Flower heavy brocade government city

Image source: top, Kelly Headrick/fineartamerica.com (edited, here)
bottom, China Online Museum

More Chinese interpretations can be found here.

8 thoughts on “Welcome Rain on a Spring Night (visiting Tu Fu)

  1. Another beautiful interpretation. Although, once again, I’m drawn to some of the phrases in the literal translation (follow wind secretly enter night). Perhaps I need to do a series…Thanks for the link to the original website too.(K)

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