Winding River No. 1 (visiting Tu Fu)

Winding River No. 1 (visiting Tu Fu)

Winding River No 1A blossom petal drifts away, but still it is spring
Yet I grieve when many thousands fill the air
I watch the flowers disappear before my eyes
No amount of wine can take away the loss
On the river, kingfishers nest near the little hall
A unicorn lies at the entry to the high tomb
Seek joy when learning the truth about nature
What good is sadness surrounded by beauty?

Literal translations of classic Chinese poetry can be found at This is my interpretation of a poem by Tu Fu. The literal translation, as provided at, is as follows:

Winding River (1)

One petal blossom fly reduce but spring
Wind flutter ten thousand points now sorrow person
Now watch soon exhaust flower pass eyes
Not satisfied much wine enter lip
River on little hall nest halcyon bird
Decorative border high tomb lie unicorn
Careful investigate natural law must seek joy
What use undeserved reputation trip up this body

Image source:
Off-prompt for Day 30 of National Poetry Writing Month/Global Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo 2017).
More Chinese interpretations can be found here.

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