On the darkest of nights, they stood together beside a mighty waterfall. High above them, the stars shone with a brilliance that surely was an indication of the love that bound them.

Deep in his heart, he knew there was little he couldn’t do, wouldn’t do, for her. From her presence and the love they shared, he gained a strength that was beyond any of his imagining. As they embraced, he drew on that strength, magnified by the power of the immense cataract before them, and reached into the heavens to bring down to her a star of the most dazzling brightness.

In his innocence, he did not consider just how immense that power must be, if he were to assume he could perform such a feat. Feeling the brilliance of that star in his hand, he drew it towards them, its glow visible through his fingers. As he opened his hand, they were surrounded by a light that seemed to be far more than that of the star he now offered to her as a gift. Looking up, he realized the terror he had wrought, as the heavens rained down upon them.

Reading Star in a blue sky, by Jane Dougherty, I thought of an illustration that she and I have used in the past. In an ensuing conversation with her I was prompted to write this story.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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