A Guest Arrives (visiting Tu Fu)


A Guest Arrives (visiting Tu Fu)

Spring water surrounds my hut
Each morning, my only guests are a flock of gulls
My floral path never being swept for guests
Today, for the first time, a gentleman reaches for the rough gate
Far from the market, I have enough dinner for only one
And just one cup of wine in my poor home
I decide to share a drink with my elderly neighbor
I call to him and go to the fence with the last of the wine

Literal translations of classic Chinese poetry can be found at chinese-poems.com. This is my interpretation of a poem by Tu Fu. The literal translation, as provided at chinese-poems.com, is as follows:

A Guest Arrives

Hut south hut north all spring water
Only see flock gulls day day come
Flower path not once reason visitor sweep
Rough gate today start for gentleman open
Dish supper market far not double taste
Cup wine home poor only old coarse wine
Consent with neighbour old man opposite drink
Partition fence shout get exhaust remaining cup

Image source: asia.si.edu

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