receding landscape ~ haibun


Niagara Falls –  American Falls, foreground
Horseshoe Falls, background and Canada in the distance

When I lived in Western New York, I never tired of going to Niagara Falls, sometimes several times a month. The feel of the water rushing by through the rapids above the waterfall, and then that immense power cascading over the edge is very exhilarating. The photo opportunities – daytime, night, cloudy weather, sunny days – were inexhaustible. I also made a point of hiking below the falls, along trails at the bottom of the gorge. Again, the sense of power is overwhelming, with the rapids churning away and the thought of the strength and power held by the river as it wore away at the limestone of the escarpment for 20,000 years to reach the current location of the falls, seven miles away. Yet, even as the rock is being worn away by the water, it continues to contain the river within the gorge.

receding landscape
water falls as ages pass
a fluid embrace
water embraced by rock walls
each defined by the other


The American Falls, seen from the deck of
“The Maid of the Mist”

Carpe Diem Universal Jane #9 Naked Rock

Haibun ~ prose, often about a journey and in the first person
~ followed by a haiku or tanka

17 thoughts on “receding landscape ~ haibun

  1. I’m always in awe of a successful haibun. And the words and images together doubly reinforce the atmosphere.
    I also like your plan for your ashes. We scattered my father’s and mother’s in the mountains, and it was much more spiritual than a burial beneath a gravestone. Back to nature, truly. (K)


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