thank you, Miles

thank you, Miles.jpg

early morning
faint light of dawn fails
spirits refuse lifting

rising sun no consolation
for a dark

headache infused dreams
tendrils of pain persist

coffee, black
ibuprofen, three
breaths, deep

acceptance, understanding of
nation’s will
fail to materialize

harsh light of sunrise no
reality underscored

turning to music
right away think
so what

piano opens perfect mix
bass, sax, drums
piano, trumpet close perfect set

Kind of Blue
but feeling better
thank you, Miles

Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue
Image source: Wikipedia

17 thoughts on “thank you, Miles

  1. And there are some subtle atmospherics here and there throughout the disc though perhaps one needs headphones and/or being in a special space to fully appreciate what they have conjured up for us listeners. 🙂

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