Androcles Revisited – #writephoto


Androcles Revisited

Demon dog with glowing eyes
Never seen beyond sunrise
Prowled the land one moonlit night
Bringing fear to all on sight

Then a young lad, strong and brave,
Drove the hound into a cave
He piled rocks to seal it in
Pausing at its howling din

Haunted by its mournful moans
Frantically he pulled those stones
Faithful since, that hound has been
Demon eyes not seen again

This is my response to Sue Vincent’s (Daily Echo) Thursday Photo Prompt – Creature #writephoto, with her photo.


16 thoughts on “Androcles Revisited – #writephoto

  1. Excellent!
    When one of our cats was a kitten in the shelter, they called him “Demon Cat.” He still growls when he’s unhappy or scared, but otherwise he is very affectionate. He just needed the right people to love him and give him a chance.

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