sunflower reaches

The prompt for Carpe Diem Full Circle #1 – 2016 is to use 12 words that are provided, by placing them in successive lines in four haiku. The words are:

Sunflower Reaches.jpg

Summer Sunshine, by Thelma Winter

1. rainbow
2. autumn
3. seagull
4. crane
5. cherry blossom
6. love
7. sunflower
8. blue sky
9. clouds
10. butterfly
11. nectar
12. beer

rainbow in the mist
compliments autumn’s colors
both frame a seagull

crane ruffles feathers
cherry blossoms slowly sway
scent of love stirs all

sunflower reaches
blue sky welcomes upturned face
distant clouds recede

watching butterfly
tasting sweet flower’s nectar
while savoring beer

Carpe Diem Full Circle_logo.jpg

Image source: © Thelma Winter (Summer Sunshine)

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