Snow Globe Memory – #writephoto


Snow Globe Memory

Snow globe scene of a distant past
With brilliant lights that seem to cast
A pleasant air of joy on a time long gone

Looking back on what might have been
Not even remorse could begin
To erase the sadness of a time long gone

The snowflakes fall within my mind
And I find myself now resigned
To the fate delivered in a time long gone

This is my response to Sue Vincent’s  (Daily Echo) Thursday Photo Prompt – Lights #writephoto, with her photo. This rhyme scheme may have a name. Maybe not.

15 thoughts on “Snow Globe Memory – #writephoto

  1. “Snow Globe Memory” I love “To the fate delivered in a time long gone”, and I think about your “snowflakes.” Oh how I would love to live within a snow globe setting where time remains still even when the snow falls. You have created such depth and beauty here. Thank you so much for writing this one. I love it.

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