Roundabout Way of Meeting a Prompt


Roundabout Way of Meeting a Prompt

A chance to rhyme was missed
Wished I payed closer attention
Mention it to me, will you?
Do you think it’s still too late?
Hate breaking a nearly complete cycle

Like I’ll ever make a full year
Nearly did though, with Jane’s prompts
Glom a few words to fit a form
Normally on time
I’m never, ever late

Great timing on my part.
Start thinking. Any thoughts?
Naught comes to my mind.
Find a rhyme, perhaps in a CAPTCHA?
A chance to rhyme was missed


Well, I managed to respond to Jane Dougherty’s weekly poetry challenge for the last eleventh months, but somehow I let her Poetry Challenge #48: Circles and cycles slip by before the deadline. She provided a photo of fallen apples, which I did not use here, and a theme of circles, cycles, seasons, life, planetary or whatever. Well, this is a circular poem and it notes a broken cycle, so there you have it!
Circular poem ~ the first line rhymes with the first word of the following line and so on, returning back to the first line, with lines of any length

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