Art as Compliment ~ haibun

Art as Compliment

Fallen branches, arranged to frame a path, guide us through the redwoods and Douglas firs that cover a majority of The Land. Rising and falling with the terrain, we pass trees that tower hundreds of feet over our heads. Since leaving the meadow, I have been at awe with the sight before my eyes, aware that, as she walks beside me, Margaret is watching my face, registering the surprise and delight that must show there. From the three-hundred-year-old oaks at the edge of the forest – one laced with colored yarn and twine that marry it to the giant granite boulder seeming to grow into its side, the other strung with fist-sized beads of colorful, fired clay placed by an artist friend – to small plaster masks nestled into the moss-covered shelf of a solid stone wall, there is evidence of her mission to keep her art, and that of her friends, from intruding on the natural beauty of the surroundings.

art as compliment
the sanctity of nature
humble reverence

Carpe Diem #1053 worship (Jane Reichhold’s Legacy)

As my first haibun, I’ve written about my introduction to The Land, The Cazadero Art and Nature Conservancy, by my dear friend, Margaret Fabrizio, in 2011. Since 1986, she has maintained her 40 acres of redwood forest and meadows above the Russian River as a site where art is in harmony with nature. At eighty-six, she continues to make the two hour drive from her home in San Francisco to tend to it, clearing fallen branches and cutting the grass of the meadow by hand with a scythe. She is as one with The Land, and she is a marvel.

Haibun ~ prose, often about a journey and in the first person
~ followed by a haiku or tanka


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