Endless Rain

Endless Rain.jpg

Early Spring in Central Park, Paul Cornoyer

Endless Rain

With clouds of grief consuming joy
Missing love can bring no comfort
The very thought brings on the rain

As we seek solace in the rain
Spring and its colors bring no joy
Can we go on without comfort?

Both of us in need of comfort
Still we’re destined to live with rain
To lose a child means losing joy

No joy, no comfort, only rain

This is my response to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge #47: Spring in the park, a tritina inspired by the painting Early Spring in Central Park, by Paul Cornoyer.
Tritina ~ a poem with three three-line stanzas and a fourth stanza of one line
             ~ the same three end words used in the first three stanzas, in this order in                 successive stanzas: 1,2,3; 3,1,2; 2,3,1
             ~ the last, one-line stanza using the three words in order – 1,2,3
The three words used here are joy, comfort and rain (1,2,3)
Image source: Wikipedia

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