random harmony

random harmony

sharp, soft, resonant
chimes lightly brushed by the wind
random harmony
firmly placed in memory
the lazy pace of summer

The five word prompts for The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Prompt #53 are place, sharp, chime, firm and pace.  My response is a tanka.
Tanka ~ syllable progression 5-7-5-7-7

Secret Keeper Prompt

7 thoughts on “random harmony

    • My friend is eighty-six, and an artist and musician. She has land above the Russian River, 70 miles north of SF, that she has maintained as a “nature and art conservancy” for thirty years. The art, scattered across 40 acres, through meadows and among redwood and Douglas firs is hers and that of friends from her arts community. She has made minimal improvements to The Land, as she calls it – some trails through the redwoods, cut grass in the meadows with a hand scythe and 3 buildings no bigger than 8×10. She had a yurt built, I’d guess about 20 feet across, among the Doug firs because it was the perfect place for one. She’s had gatherings and an annual poetry reading in a natural stone amphitheater formation.
      When I visited her in 2011, we drove to The Land, from her home in SF, and spent 2 nights there. I slept in a sleeping bag on the floor of The Glass House (made entirely of wood-framed windows, except the floor and roof). She told me, “You can’t spend just one day there. You have to wake up on The Land.” And, she was right.
      She still goes there a half-dozen times a year, weather permitting, to tend to it and, of course, to experience it.

      All of that… to say those two wind chimes were hanging in a grove on The Land.

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        • She’s an amazing person. She’s a classically trained harpsichordist who one day decided she wanted to leave a physical presence in the world as an artist – molded-impression, full face masks, collage, and on to quilting starting with traditional and now what are, essentially art pieces these days). She once played harpsichord for The Grateful Dead and briefly lived on a commune with Ken Kesey. In her later years, she spent several months going out in public (including an opera) only when she was dressed as a man – with beard, mustache & pipe – speaking in a deeper voice about art and culture… in order to gauge people’s reactions. (I’ve seen videos of that.) She has some stories.

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