Niagara Falls… American Falls, foreground, and Horseshoe Falls (and Canada), background


I have seen the edge
Sensed the draw

Marveled at an end
So precipitous

From a distance

Wondered at the thought
The motivation

How lack of motivation
Plays in the follow through

Understood, perhaps

Rapids and eddies
Are a part of life

But my path will not end
So abruptly

My course flows to the end

6 thoughts on “Precipice

  1. This week’s theme all over the blogosphere seems to be rivers.

    I like your metaphor–the precipice, the rapids and eddies of life–and glad you’re staying the course. 🙂
    Did you take that photo? It’s beautiful.

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    • I did notice that about rivers, recently.
      Thank you. Yes that is my photo. Occasionally, I’ll scan my pics to see if I can find words for them. Living within 7 miles of the Falls, I was there with my camera every 2 or 3 weeks. Some of the more interesting are the ones of tourists being tourists.

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