Summer Storm

Summer Storm

With sudden dark
Summer’s storms announce their intent
With sudden dark
While the clouds send us livid sparks
Lightning strikes, and when they relent
They leave us, all energy spent,
With sudden dark


Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge #45: Summer storm is to write a rondolet inspired by her photo and using the theme summer storm.
Rondolet ~ 7 lines with 2 rhymes – AbAabbA
                  ~ the refrain has 4 syllables.
                  ~ the other lines have 8 syllables

15 thoughts on “Summer Storm

    • While the sight is impressive, I’m frustrated by the effect on the lawn I’ve been trying to seed since I moved 3 years ago. It’s a hillside that insists on sending my uphill neighbor’s runoff to the drainage swale at the end of my lot. It can be a torrent at times.

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