as seasons change

as seasons change

Fawn Lily

season’s change stirs thoughts
mind wanders with falling leaf
new buds come with time

The two word prompts for RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #110 are change and mind. Typically, as I wrote this I got lost halfway through. As I was ready to post (photo selected, the whole nine yards), I realized my haiku was missing one of the key words, so I started over. Now I wonder if the final haiku is actually about my writing process.  The original (one word short) is below.

 dry leaf falls to ground
new bud nourished by past life
change measured by time


14 thoughts on “as seasons change

  1. A not Haikuan response;
    “The pressing need to reconstruct
    the first and perfect words
    To so accommodate the ‘mind’
    Is a fair metaphor of life
    When we must reconstruct our soul
    So to accommodate a wife.”

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  2. That’s happened to me. I get carried away and one of the prompts disappears. I like both haiku very much but if I had to choose I think I favour your final one… It has a lighter feel with falling leaves and wandering thoughts.

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