Lunacy Prevails

Lunacy Prevails

Incessant howls proclaimed night’s first dawn
Man and dog alike vexed by the view
Three times the moon rose, that fateful night

Mayhem, chaos became the new norm
Wails echoed and echoed and echoed
Strangers embraced at the fearful sight

Those who weren’t driven to lunacy
Soon were distraught at their children’s fate
Never to witness a pale moonlight

With her Poetry Challenge #43: Trilune, Jane Dougherty introduces a new poetry form, the trilune, her own creation. The challenge is centered on a theme of three moons, with the above photo as inspiration. This is my response.
Trilune ~ 3 stanzas – each with 3 lines of 9 syllables
                ~ rhyme pattern abc, dec, fgc

Image source: Wikipedia

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