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      Someone knew what they were doing. When I bought this house 3 years ago, the bed, with three full grown oaks and a hickory in it, was overgrown with honeysuckle – a really invasive “shrub.” I tore out at least a dozen saplings the first spring, planting nothing, and over the next two years I’ve found that something different has been blooming nearly every week – and now into August. I’m really enjoying these blooms.

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        • I have 4 honeysuckle that are large enough to be called small “trees,” and they’re pleasing to the eye. The problem is that their flowers blow, and I’ll have saplings 20 feet away, or even downwind from a neighbor’s plant. They will run rampant in the wild, and in Missouri are considered an invasive species.


        • The European varieties propagate through layering, so they creep from the parent plant but don’t seed. I wish they did! It’s difficult to take cuttings unless you can rip up a piece with new roots already put down.

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        • That seems to be the case with lilacs. Sometimes a shrub will be surrounded by “suckers” – sprouting at the base of the lilac, but coming from established roots – that take nourishment away from the mother shrub.


        • The land directly surrounding our ‘new’ house is invaded by lilac. The parent tree has thrown out other large trees and the area all around is covered in lilac saplings. Lilac is lovely when it’s in bloom, but it only lasts a couple of weeks at most. For the other 50 weeks of the year it’s pretty nondescript.

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