No Childhood Here – Microfiction Challenge #1: Childhood

No Childhood Here

Portrait of the Frommknecht Siblings, Alwin Arnegger

No Childhood Here

There was little that could be said and far less that could be done. After all, he was their favorite and could do no wrong. They thought of him as the cutest little thing who would go places and do things in his life, but they were far short in gauging the full measure of his abilities.

Even at his young age, and for all the innocence he displayed, he had a knack for bending people to his will. And, they were none the wiser. The sparkle in his eyes was more than the excitement or innocence of a little boy. Even with the limits of his young imagination, that sparkle came from the satisfaction of knowing he would always have his way.

But his tendencies for control were not limited to mere manipulation. Whenever they were alone with him, the pets suffered at his hands. As did she. Try as she might to limit those instances, he always seemed to have control of events.

Today no different than yesterday, or the day before, she posed with him for their annual portrait, feeling his hand grip her shoulder and wondering how many more of these there would be.

This my first attempt at responding to a micro-fiction challenge.  In her Microfiction Challenge #1: Childhood, Jane Dougherty offers a painting for inspiration, with a limit of 200 words (198, here) and a possible word to ponder, yesterday.

Image source: The Athenaeum

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