Unrelated news items that pulled me in:

A kiss can be the most intimate of expressions – its true intent known only to those in the exchange, yet interpreted by all who witness it.  Unfortunately, too often the reaction to that exchange, and to the relationship, by others outside of it is not one of acceptance.  Where does this end?

Passion is not limited to relationships.  Sometimes it’s expressed as the pursuit of, and love for, an activity.  Sadly, tragedy can bring an end to that passion in its last moments.


reaction to a simple kiss by
religion of terrorism
to proclaim an ideology

passion for great heights
and the open air
swept away in a moment

following news with shields down
remind self that weight of sadness
greatest for families devastated

Over the years, I’ve learned to reserve my emotions when reading or viewing tragic news.  I don’t turn them off, so I suppose I compartmentalize them.  I didn’t do that today.  First, in following the news about the mass shooting in Orlando; and then, reading about a hot air balloon tender who fell to his death when winds swept the balloon away after the riders disembarked.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that my sadness is incidental.

14 thoughts on “Extremes

    • Regardless of the motives (and I don’t say that to trivialize the matter), here in the States, debate continues over the right to bear arms – including the assault weapon used in Orlando. Sadness.


      • I’m surrounded by it down here….I detest these times, I’m all about the love and understanding and I’m a big believer in getting help for mental issues….I think just not enough to go around, people falling through the cracks who need the help or people too busy to try to help those in need. sigh. Peace and love, K

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