Walking on Air – #writephoto

Walking on Air

Amongst the stones with heather grown
A fog lay on the land
And it did seem, as in a dream,
That I could almost stand

Upon that shroud with my head bowed
And drink the fragrance in
Transporting me to days carefree
When it did all begin

We’d walk these hills in warmth or chill,
Glad in any weather
To spend our time, oh so sublime
Here amongst the heather

But now you’re gone, and I still long
To have you by my side
And so, bereft, accept what’s left
Imagine days gone by

Upon these hills there’s now a chill
And all’s not as it seems
Between the stones with heather grown
I walk as in a dream

This is my response to Photo prompt #writephoto -walking on air, by Sue Vincent at Daily Echo, with her photo.


28 thoughts on “Walking on Air – #writephoto

  1. Pingback: Photo prompy round up – Walking on air #writephoto | Sue Vincent – Daily Echo

    • Thank you, Sue. Those first three verses were written with you in mind.

      WordPress gremlins at work. Interestingly, the blog I just posted is a group of photos a took yesterday. I was curious to see if I had saved anything in my Photography category. This poem was in there, instead of being in my Photo Prompt category, so I changed it. I didn’t click anything, but maybe the change sent a new pingback.


      • That must be what happened…as I know I included your link in the original round-up…and thought then how perfect the poem was. The last two verses too. My late partner’s ashes are up on the moors.


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