Illusory Relief – The glade… #writephoto

Illusory Relief

Dark, those woods I leave behind
To seek relief within the light
Free from branches intertwined
A placed that seemed eternal night

Yet, dark still, within this glade
Of dancing trees and mossy stone
Is the path where I have strayed
Beyond the crowds, now all alone

And as the last light scatters
Within what little lies ahead
Seeming now more sinister
Are trees that seem to harbor dread

If I stay and all turns black
Assuredly, my time is done
Forward now, no turning back
Where lies relief, but with the sun

I edited the photo of a mossy glade by Sue Vincent for her Thursday photo prompt – The glade… #writephoto at The Daily Echo to make it feel more foreboding.  Her original photo is below.

dancing trees_a


17 thoughts on “Illusory Relief – The glade… #writephoto

  1. Nicely done–both photo editing and poem. I like the whole idea of the darkness of the forest contrasting with the lightness ahead, and i wondered how or why the person strayed from the path?


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