Shadowed Path

Shadowed Path

The path I follow is of no design for any, save for myself.
For who would choose such a worrisome burden, to be always shadowed
With thoughts of wrong turns, misdirection and detours of my own making?
And it has been worrisome, with each step I take falling heavily,
My path winding and circling, past mistakes made again and again.
My only moments of peace come during the walks I take late at night

With clarity under clouded skies, or with just the faintest moonlight,
That shadow lessened, or gone, in the light of a new or crescent moon

Day Twenty-Seven of 2016 NaPoWriMo.
This poem meets two prompts, Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge #28: Moonlight and the Prompt for Day Twenty-Seven.
Jane’s asks us to write a poem using the Edvard Munch painting Moonlight(1893) as inspiration. She adds to the challenge by suggesting the use of five words – winding, moonlight, follow, heavily and path.
The prompt from is to write a poem with very long lines, suggesting seventeen syllables per line.  My lines are indeed long, and I like to think I’ve channeled Walt Whitman.

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