Water and Air

Water and Air

Wings nearly still, for one still moment
Outstretched, as feet lightly touch water
Then down, with ease, drifting with the waves
A sight to capture any poet
Whose dreams and thoughts of flight seem a blur
One and the same, this water and air
Floating on one, then the other, saved
From thoughts to words, returning him there

Day Twenty-Three (Take Two) of 2016 NaPoWriMo.
This is my reply to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge #27: San San.
San San ~ 8 lines, rhyme pattern a,b,c,a,b,d,c,d
                ~ with 3 terms or images repeated 3 times each
The photo is the same one I used with a haiku (Blue Geese) earlier today when responding to  a photo challenge from Hugh’s Views & News.



5 thoughts on “Water and Air

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