To Megan

To Megan

My dearest Megan, wherefore hast that lovely season gone?
That time of autumnal colors for which we long?
Thou wouldst prance and grasp at the many leaves.
Thy joy knew no bounds, I do believe.
Thine whole body would fairly quiver,
Whilst thoughts of coming cold did make me shiver.

Now the birds of spring with their harmonious song
Remind us we need not dwell on all the wrong
Brought by that frigid season of recent past;
Our trees shall flourish with color, at last.
If not for pollen, this beauty could be seen
Without the aid of antihistamines.

This too shall pass, and when it has,
The sultry summer likely shall cast
A blanket o’er us like a mighty pall;
And as it does, thy tongue shall loll.
But then comes autumn, when we’ll fell most super
At thoughts of walks with our pooper scooper.

To Megan_a

Day Twenty-Four of 2016 NaPoWriMo.
The prompt from is to write using overly poetic words with everyday words.  Thank you to Percy Shelly, whose words inspired me.


16 thoughts on “To Megan

  1. Such a joy from start to finish. I think you had fun with this prompt! And really I can’t think of any poem I’ve ever read that included “pooper scooper.” 🙂

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  2. Love this! The ending made me laugh. I lived in Maine for almost 4 years and came to coin the phrase “dog doo Spring” for that time of year that all the dog poop from winter started to thaw in the neighborhood at the same time. It made for an odiferous few days….

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    • lol
      As a border collie, she has to herd, so I let her escort me around the yard for cleanup (“poop patrol”) a couple of times a week. The thing is, she just has to mark the farthest edge of her territory, and that’s often into the neighbor’s side yard, directly next to her driveway. I keep an eye out for those at the “time of deposit”.

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