This is my reply to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge #26: Constanza.  Also, Today is Day Eighteen of 2016 NaPoWriMo.
Constanza ~ 5 or more 3-line stanzas
                    ~ 8 syllables per line
                    ~ rhyme pattern abb, acc, add, aee, aff, etc.
                    ~ first lines combined also may be read as a poem
If this seems convoluted, imagine experiencing it on a daily basis.  Not too surprising for me, this also happened to be the process for writing this particular poem.  Originally, the first line was “The wheels turn, the miles fall behind.”  It was to be a poem about how I process my thoughts (wheels turning) while traveling/driving.  I suppose it still is.



Paths that reverse, twist, turn and wind
No line is straight, no route direct
Wandering through my intellect

Jumbled notions, not yet refined
Sights, sound and events to ponder
Easily lost as I wander

Disjointed thoughts, all intertwined
Some reoccur, some never seen
Sorting them a daily routine

Once in a while, thoughts are aligned
Thoughts are resolved, loose ends now tied
Shuffled, sorted, set to the side

A journey through my scattered mind
Experiment in indulgence
No mere modicum of patience


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