Dry Thorns

Dry Thorns

Fade to black
and a starless sky
My heart just as dark

Roses now dry, uninviting
to any hand or heart
Your scorn for my love

Leaving my heart bleeding
torn by your thorns
and soon just as dry



Day Fifteen of 2016 NaPoWriMo.
The photo above provided by Sue Vincent in her Thursday Photo Prompt – Roses #writephoto.


13 thoughts on “Dry Thorns

  1. .
    Whew…. glad to read it is fictional!!!! You had me worried there, for a split second, until I said, no, that cannot be true… and then I read the comments………..
    Rather powerful poem to cause such a reaction, I would say….

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    • What I find interesting is that three or four years ago I might have written this by tapping into emotions gone long before even then. Now it’s more like imagining a situation and putting my mind in that place. It’s something I would do when writing about tragic events in the news, something I eventually had to do much less often, because it would suck me right down. These days I simply smile when the poem is complete, satisfied that I’ve accomplished what I started out to do.


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