There’s a Poem in This

Rather than looking to outside sources (The Day 10 prompt from suggested book titles from our bookshelves), I have gone inward (of sorts) for my first attempt at found poetry.  Accessing comments made on my poetry in the last year through the WordPress Dashboard, I have selected some of my own comments and added a few recent comments I have made on the blogs of other poets.  I was surprised that I was able to compose more than one or two “cohesive” stanzas.


There's a Poem in This

There’s a Poem in This

if all is to be known
tomorrow already was
we are voices waiting to be heard
present in absence

with a fair dose of humility
at the end of our thousand year journey
mindful of not standing too close to the flames
we have a voice for this

the significance of each moment
a diversion from the surrounding chaos
leaving images imagined
a lovely tale to tell a child

our roots are in places we least imagine
the current flowing through each of us
sometimes there is no twist
some things just write themselves



15 thoughts on “There’s a Poem in This

  1. I am very fond of found art, and this set of verses is/are particularly delicious.
    The imperfect rhymes are especially subtle and discrete in their transparent presence.
    The thought/attitude/theme is completely in line with the what little I know about you and your writing, Ken, and I am first smiling with this reflective thought, and now grinning from the simple pleasure of reading you. Thank you for brightening my day.

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