Never Really Known

Never Really Known

The hands crawl around the dial, as time runs out
The years having crept up on me in my final days
In the little time I have left, I wonder at all that has passed
Will I be remembered, as I remember those I have known
Or will memories of me fade, now, as I fade away
Some things are meant to be forgotten, perhaps never really known


Jane Dougherty has introduced me to the cleave poem, in her Poetry Challenge #24.  It’s an interesting challenge to write, as the mind needs to be able to follow three lines of thought while composing the lines.
Cleave poem ~ a poem without rhyme, meter or set length.  Dividing the poem into left and right sides reveals two separate poems, in addition to the original.


18 thoughts on “Never Really Known

  1. What a fascinating concept: the cleave poem. Amazing, sometimes, the things that open my eyes if I only bother to look.
    Somehow, I also think, wakening to a cup of tea, that you could tell me things about the sound of water and a paddle. Oar am eye ownly imagining things a gain?
    Good morning K. I welcome us to the month of poetry.
    Are there tides on your Missouri river?

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