Nature’s Passion Play

Nature's Passion Play

Act I: backlit clouds
brilliant flashes, silhouettes
prelude to a storm

Act II: drip, drop, drip
spattering scattered pattern
rain shower begins

Act III: lightning bolts
terror in a thund’rous crash
a mighty deluge

final curtain call
clouds part to reveal the stars
Nature’s passion play

The two word prompts for RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #89, are shower and play.


Image source: Joel Sartore/National Geographic

9 thoughts on “Nature’s Passion Play

  1. .
    sometimes I miss storms like this
    here in boring weather land
    la la la la la
    mild tonight, milder tomorrow
    wait, what’s that…
    oh. the breeze
    for a
    mo-ment . . .
    ssss hum
    what’s on TV ?

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