Good Fortune

Good Fortune

If one is fortunate,
one finds love past a time when
love has become something meant
only for others.
And, one is fortunate if
one finds a love so great that
even a move of great distance is
not too great a sacrifice to make.
For how great must such a love be,
that one would place great distance between
what once was and what now is,
or to separate from what always is?

It is that separation from
what always is
that is most significant.
If it always is, then one will hold it
close to one’s heart at all times.
A place will be held in memories, even
revisited when the opportunity arises.
People – and let them not be considered
in the generic sense,
for they are what always is,
and a sacrifice of separation clearly would be
far from generic –
People are not necessarily left behind, for
they are held closest to the heart, and
one will always maintain contact with them,
will, in fact,
be with them at every opportunity.

Even a love so great as to lead to
such separation
would have a place for that.

One is, indeed, fortunate.

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