Poet, by Choice

Poet, by Choice

words are his
as they are for everyone

as if they belong to anyone

yet, at times, they are his
and when they are
they flow through verse

through his mind
and the reader’s eye
his story is told

In a comment reply, Elusive Trope spoke of finding one’s poetic voice and the route that brought him to his.  This poem may be about him, but I’m sure it’s true for many poets out there.  You can find his comment on his poem Strife.

7 thoughts on “Poet, by Choice

  1. I like your poem and the thoughts reflected in it and am wondering about the peculiar connection between images seen with the eye, heard through the ears, and whispered by the heart . . . Interesting since I’ve been wrestling with imagination lately. Am not posting for awhile as I feel in need of a sabatical but wanted to say I enjoyed your post and found it most stimulating . . . Blessing!

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    • I must say that, all along, I’ve been impressed by your ability to post a poem a day, often by making all three of those connections to a quote, while giving me an image through your words.


  2. I like the line of thought you open up when you say ‘as if they belong to anyone’ . In fact the whole poem is great 🙂 Thanks for continuing the interesting conversation (started on ElusiveTrope) thus including others such as myself.

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