No Brief Candle

No Brief Candle

Burn slowly the candle of life
Whether through good fortune or strife
For at times, time seems all we have
Make best use of its healing salve

Squander not the value of time
Consider it a gift sublime
Use it wisely in every way
No petty pace from day to day

Be not fain to see the morrow
Life’s more than a walking shadow
These times, when need for haste is rife
Make not a brief candle of life

In responding to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge #14: Take a favourite line, I’ve used “Burn slowly the candle of life” from Candle of Life, a track on To Our Children’s Children’s Children, by The Moody Blues.  While I enjoy reading rhyme, I usually avoid it in my own poetry, it not seeming to come naturally.  However, I felt it was needed here.  Also, hopefully Shakespeare won’t mind that I borrowed a bit from Macbeth.

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