No Mercy

No Mercy

Rising waters have no mercy
No wall, nor bank, will bar their way
Nature will show no clemency
So take your chances, come what may

Altered routes through rearranging
Rising waters have no mercy
Currents, channels always changing
With Nature there’s no guarantee

Channels confined, that should be free
Levees banked to offer relief
Rising waters have no mercy
Instead they bring regrets and grief

Complacent minds will rue the day
Bottom homesteads pay Nature’s fee
Hopes and memories washed away
Rising waters have no mercy


This is my response to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge #12: Quatern
Quatern ~ 16 lines in 4 stanzas, with no rhyme or meter required.  The first line becomes the second line of the second stanza, the third line of the third stanza, and then the final line of the poem.

Image source – Flooding in Pacific, Missouri, 12/30/15 – from the Daily Mail (Image © AP)

7 thoughts on “No Mercy

  1. Great use of the form to tackle the subject at hand. The repetition of ‘no mercy’ drives home that no matter how one looks at it, perceives it, lives within it, nature has no mercy in the sense we understand (typically) the notion of mercy. [why do bad things happen to good people?]

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