In Living Color

In Living Color

the search for images
lush with color,
as I gaze into the night sky.

Ambient light,
street lights, yard lights,
even city lights
beyond a neighboring bluff,
ensure the erasure of
a portion of those stars
visible to me.

Hubble and its cousins,
with exotic images
in light and resolution
beyond the grasp of
my unaided eyes,
fuel my desire to gaze skyward.

Points of light lead me to
speculate on events
and circumstances elsewhere,
whether light years away
or just around the world.

Just as easily, they take me
in a more abstract direction,
as I connect the dots of
events in my own life,
images that come to me
in living color.

Working and its limits, a poem from Poems from in between took me in this direction.

Image Source: Astronomy Picture of the Day – 2015 July 24
Image Credit: GALEX, JPL-Calech, NASA

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