A Place in Time, My Mind

A Place in Time

Is it the waves I see?

Pebbles washed by the waves?

Broken glass scoured by surging sand?

Is it a sail on the horizon,
a silhouette before the setting sun?

Or the lack of waves
on a windless day?

It was all of that then,
when I walked along the water’s edge,
my thoughts nudged by the waves,
filtered with the sand,
pebbles and beach glass
flowing through my fingers.
Soothed by the elements,
that glass and my thoughts.

It is peace I feel now,
when my thoughts turn
to the lake and its shore,
to the sights that greeted me
under stormy skies
or in the orange glow
of a setting sun.

They are forever a part of me,
these thoughts and
the lake and its shore.


These lines:
Oceans become glued in place
Only waves leap up
To embrace the shoreline…
from Palms Stain Green, by Elan Mudrow,
turned my mind in on itself.
A Place in Time, My Mind is the result.



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