Photos In a Drawer

Photos In a Drawer

An afternoon with my sisters,
performing a task
both welcome and unwelcome

Of all her possessions,
that with strongest ties to
childhood memories of my parents

Beautiful rock maple,
last of her furniture
to clear from the house

Long dresser,
auburn, inviting touch,
ship’s wheel for a mirror

Double bed
with Amish quilt,
schooner carved into the headboard

Bureau in same nautical motif,
bottom drawer open, waiting,
holding memories of a lifetime

some unknown to us,
scattered and stacked

Marvel at the quantity of photos,
black and white, color,
snapshots, portraits

Until my sister’s revelation
of her chance discovery,
fifteen years earlier

Our mother cleaning house,
including photos,
after our father’s death

Nearly half gone by then,
reorganizing as her logic…
Last stage of grief?

Consolation in knowing
these treasures survived,
knowing that she could heal


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