Silent Sentinel

Silent Sentinel

Silent sentinel,
dark now, even at sunset,
stands as a symbol of
the Queen City of the Lakes’
status as the gateway to the west,
stolen after a century-long reign
by a Seaway from the St. Lawrence.

(photo subject: 1833 Lighthouse, Buffalo, NY)
Through the 1800s, immigrants passed through Buffalo,
to their final destinations in the west and mid-west.
Buffalo continued to serve as a center of commerce and industry
until the completion of the St. Lawrence Seaway bypassed it in 1959,
virtually eliminating its usefulness as a grain and rail hub.

4 thoughts on “Silent Sentinel

    • While living in WNY, I made a point of visiting Buffalo’s Inner Harbor at least once a month, camera always in hand. It’s a beautiful spot for sunsets, especially on a warm summer evening. With the wind, spring visits could be almost as chilly as in the winter, but I would go more often, trying to time it with the mass of driftwood that would pile against the outer break wall of the Erie Basin Marina after the breakup of the lake ice. It would make for some interestingly tangled photos.

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