All That Remains of a Former Passion

All That Remains of a Former Passion

The coast of Bonaire like a desert,
as we pull three scuba tanks
from the trunk of a VW Thing,
three friends with an appointment
with a sea turtle waiting offshore.

Under the ice at Tobermory,
rising from the deck of The Sweepstakes
to a luminescent ceiling
formed by bubbles trapped overhead.

Century-old bottles and stoneware
rescued from a river bottom
that sometimes felt like home.

Sharing my regulator with a careless diver,
out of air before reaching
the hull of The Cedarville,
eighty feet down in the Straits of Mackinac.

A three hundred pound anchor on my lawn,
a quarter-mile from its former resting place
at the bottom of the Niagara River.

Sharing this passion with my son
on his first open water dive.

Memories now,
their sum contained
in relics collecting dust
and pages seldom read.



3 thoughts on “All That Remains of a Former Passion

  1. I was luck to find a various colors of beach glass (even blue), a very old clay fossil and two pieces of pottery on the North shore of Lake Michigan in WI. One piece of pottery was green, the other blue and white. A gent at the Lighthouse station ID one of the pieces of pottery and the fossil. I can’t remember which wreck the green piece of pottery was from. I have that info somewhere.

    I enjoyed reading your adventure, thanks for the link. Life twists and turns and we just do different things 🙂

    This was about one of those days: (other days around that verse are also about time spent there in WI.

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    • One of my favorite places in Western New York is Fort Niagara State Park on Lake Ontario, at the north mouth of the Niagara River. Before I moved from the area in 2012, I would visit a dozen times a year and collected beach glass along the shore. Over the course of three years, I collected enough to fill a couple of one gallon jugs. Any time I visit family, I head there for a couple of hours. Just being there on the water is a nice way to sort my thoughts.

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      • Not as big as some waterways… but I have a creek bordering the far end of my yard. And it is a mini haven. Not a place to find ancient things as much as the variety of birds and other animals.

        I can sit in the shade of my willow and just watch the water flow…

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