Curious, It Seems

Curious It Seems

An eagle, bald,
along a narrow river,
late in the season.

Not circling near the bluffs,
hundreds of feet above
my kayak in the wider river.

Coursing along this stream,
just thirty feet above me,
pausing every quarter-mile.

Camera ready on my lap,
lens facing down,
I continue paddling.

Perched on a branch
twenty feet above the water,
it seems to wait for my arrival.

Its back to me,
it turns its head
to watch my approach.

Camera raised,
I try to frame,
turning as I drift past.

One hundred, then fifty feet away,
shutter rapidly firing,
I hope for one good shot.

Startled to realize
I have just passed beneath it,
I watch it take flight.

Twenty yards further downstream,
a mink on the riverbank reminds me
of the rarity of this day.



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