Early morning,
Megan noses eagerly,
tree to tree,
through the wet grass,
water-cupped ivy,
garden’s edge.

She pauses,
head raised, ears up,
eyes drawn to the flashing tail
of a foraging squirrel,
keenly aware of
each sound reaching her,
relishing emerging scents.

A lifetime away from
the previous evening,
fear limiting her ventures
to the patio’s edge,
as thunder passed over the hills,
louder, less distant,
with each successive flash.

Then, pacing restlessly
during the night,
one side of the bed to the other,
pausing to rest her head
on the blanket,
anxious for comfort
against the lightning flashing
directly overhead,
thunder rattling the windows.

Now, relishing the morning air,
she moves around the yard,
exploring each familiar place,
making the world her own,
once again.


2 thoughts on “Reemergence

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